Five Days of Violence Prevention | Lebogang Ramafoko
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Lebogang Ramafoko


Born in Munsieville, Lebogang Ramafoko is the eldest of three girls and she is passionate about women empowerment and community development. She completed her degree in Education in 1993 and was very excited about the opportunity to contribute and shape a new democratic society. Soul City gave her the opportunity to showcase her leadership and creative skills and, before becoming CEO she led the media department creating various innovative programmes for television, radio and print.

Lebogang has always been an outspoken social activist and a leader. In 2002, her leadership was recognised and she was part of the Inaugural Clinton Democracy fellowship at City Year in Boston. In 2009 she was awarded the Harvard-Mandela Fellowship and became an Edward Mason Fellow at Harvard University Kennedy School of government where she obtained an MC/MA in Public Administration in 2010.

In 2011, she became CEO leading the organisation towards a transformation process that led to its re-visioning into a social justice organisation for young women and girls.