Five Days of Violence Prevention | Lopa Banerjee
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Lopa Banerjee


Lopa Banerjee is the Chief of the Civil Society Section at UN Women, a position she has held since January 2012. She is based in New York and leads UN Women’s work on partnering with, supporting and strengthening women’s rights groups and civil society movements as well as their contribution, participation and influence in policy discussion and decision processes at global, regional and national levels.

A gender and human rights thematic expert with substantive experience in social policy and governance issues across Asia and Africa, Lopa has worked for over three decades on international development, policy advocacy, communication and partnership building, across the UN and in the private sector.

Lopa Banerjee has had a long career with the United Nations. Prior to the UN she worked with the private sector as well as with civil society, in India. Before joining UN Women, Lopa worked with UNDP and OHCHR in South Africa and UNICEF in Iran (the Islamic Republic of), Bangladesh and New York. In India, Lopa worked for several years in communication, research and advocacy.

Lopa has worked with civil society in diverse spaces and facilitated UN-civil society engagement in South Africa, Iran and Bangladesh.

Her areas of specialisation include feminist policy advocacy and analysis, and inclusive partnership development and engagement. She speaks English, Hindi, Bengali and is currently learning Spanish.