Five Days of Violence Prevention | Tamba David Mackieu
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Tamba David Mackieu


Mr. Tamba David Mackieu is the Executive Director of national NGO, Men’s Association for Gender Equality (MAGE SL) Sierra Leone, chair of MenEngage Sierra Leone and Steering Committee member of Men Engage Africa Alliance. Originally a teacher by profession, he is a graduate of the Institute of Education, University of Sierra Leone and United States Institute of Peace, Washington DC USA, where he studied Men, Peace and Security.

He has worked as a gender focal person for UNHCR Sierra Leone and Liberia Refugees Programme, as Senior Child Protection Officer for Christian Children’s Fund (CCF) – now Child Fund Sierra Leone, as Pedagogical Training Coordinator for Refugee Children of the World (ERM France – Guinea/Sierra Leone Programme) and as Schools Administrator for IRC/UNHCR Refugee Education Programme Guinea/Conakry.

Tamba’s expertise includes engaging men and boys for transformative masculinities, gender justice and equality, protection and empowerment of women, child protection and psychosocial welfare programmes in war and disaster affected communities with many training experiences within and outside Sierra Leone.